I use photographs made on the street, this can be police cars, boats and helicopters. I use small self made model-plans, helicopter's and boats as painting models. From this picture material of photographs, prints and models I select my subject and extract it from the original context. While drawing and painting I take the subject which attract me the most and give it it's own new life as a character in story.

The source of fascination where I work from are the marvellous tale of King Arthur and Alice in Wonderland. Story's where objects come to life and get a magical meaning in themselves. I Choose consciously for a loose woolly or aqueous brushstroke. This creates a dreamy and fairy-like environment which I want to maintain.

This environment I try to reinforce by using blue, green and grayish tones which for me associates with dreams, memory and loneliness. While I am painting I putt all subjects in another dimension to preserve the work in a poetic lonely atmosphere from where the forms of a ship or a knight appears isolated from this time and moment.

The time seems to stand still. Cars, helicopters and jet planes as well as the main characters seem to be frozen in their movement and have reduced to miniatures. They are only occupants of the painting and seem to vibrate in a time vacuum. The best form of presentation for my paintings is in compilation of more works together.

The compositions are variable as new paintings can be added to the compilation. The different subjects of the separate paintings somehow prove to have a strange consistency and it's own logic. It is a world in an other dimension in which a satellite and a medieval knight on a horse getting a strange relation to each other.